smigs (smigs) wrote in tinthepark,

from the sunday mail

X Tent headliners on Saturday: Super Furry Animals
King Tut’s (day unspecified): Sons and Daughters, Black Velvets, and Bright Eyes.

I’m quite pleased with this little lot (with the exception of the Black Velvets, who are pretty average), as I haven’t seen any of them but have also heard good things, particularly about Bright Eyes. Quite surprised to see the Super Furries headlining the X Tent, as they’re quite a big band.

That gives us the full set of headliners for Saturday: Foo Fighers on the Main Stage, New Order on Stage 2, Doves in King Tut’s, Super Furries in the X Tent, and (presumably) Death In Vegas in the Slam Tent. I’m torn already!
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