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Tony Christie, Death From Above 1979, KT Tunstall

The Daily Record have said that Tony Christie will be playing T. We all knew this was coming, everyone’ll go for that one song and then piss off blah blah, I’m not going to dwell on it.

More exciting news is that hard rockers Death From Above 1979 have confirmed their appearance at T in the Park. Their website says they will be playing on the Saturday. If you haven’t heard of these guys, they will blow you away. Full of energy and most of the songs are about sex to boot. Pretty unique, there’s only two of them: one on drums and one on bass. My guess is they’ll be in the X Tent (indeed, that’s the only stage left to fill up now, anyway). I’m really excited about these guys as they’re one of the few touring bands that I wanted to see this year but missed!

Also, KT Tunstall stated in the Times’ Seven Days magazine that she’ll be appearing at T (although T does not appear on her website’s gig page), not heard of her but that’s never stopped me before...
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I'm going to listen to them right now because I'm so excited!
I wouldn't recommend kt tunstall.
:) thanks, it'll give me a chance to get out of the X Tent (presuming she plays in there) ;)
haha. there's so much choice this year. i'm really hoping that most of the bands I want to see are on at different times, but it seems unlikely. interpol are going to be great, i've never seen them before.
interpol are pretty good live. not life-changingly spectacular, but pretty darn good. you'll have fun, provided you can get in the tent :)
Ditto. DFA1979 are awesome though. The Saturday is looking awesome, I bet lots of things clash. :(
Not Tony Christie - hes'll not go there and waste my breath..... I won;t be seeing that's for sure!