smigs (smigs) wrote in tinthepark,

more tickets on sale from 9am saturday

there should be some more tickets going on sale from 9am tomorrow morning - check this page if you still need tickets!
edit: apparently this was only a very small number of day tickets, and they have all sold out now.
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Deleted comment

i'm a bit of a charlatan, really -- i get it all from the eFestivals forums
and where do they get it from? :P I really do not know how all these people get all this info....
a lot of it is published in scottish newspaper like the daily record, presumably they read them :) the tickets announcement was sent out on the titp mailing list which a lot of people are subscribed to.
I have joined the mailing list several times but never ever got any emails :(
weird! good thing the people that do get the emails pass on the information then really (i never signed up myself).