Adam Neep (new_born14) wrote in tinthepark,
Adam Neep

More Bands!

Hey, sorry if it has already been said, but there is some bands that are new here. It was posted on

Maximo Park, The Subways, The Dears, and The Go! Team are just some of the new bands that have been added to the T In The Park lineup - all playing in the X-Tent.

On the Saturday The Duke Spirit, Maximo Park and Brendan Benson join Josh Rouse and X-Tent headliners Super Furry Animals.

Then on Sunday The Stands, The Subways, The Go! Team, The Dears, yourcodenamis:milo and The Frames join headliners The Tears in the 2,000 capacity venue.

Just thought you guys may want to know...

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