smigs (smigs) wrote in tinthepark,

final slam tent acts announced

the full lineup..

Well, at long last!...........Sorry it’s taken so long, but we had some amount of complex and detailed negotiation to do this Year, so Private Jets booked, contracts exchanged, and as they say in France, ‘eh Voila!’...

Slam, Richie Hawtin vs Ricardo Villalobos, Dave Clarke, Miss Kittin, Blackstrobe, Mylo (live), LCD Soundsytem (live), Death In Vegas (live), Kid Kenobi & MC Shureshock, Silicone Soul, Dj Sneak, Jim Hutchison, Butch Cassidy Soundsystem, Ada (live), Booka Shade (live), Alex Smoke (live), The Bays (live), Two Lone Swordsmen (live) and Alter Ego (live)


also the bravery have been moved to sunday, presumably to avoid them getting into a fight with the killers, or somesuch..
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