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update to official site

after all those other sources confirming stuff, the official website has finally been updated:
Stage 2 sees The Bravery and The Ordinary Boys join the party on Saturday, while Sunday welcomes Josh Homme side project the Eagles of Death Metal. The King Tut’s Tent will host Suzanne Vega, The Futureheads and Rooster on Saturday, and Sons & Daughters, Bright Eyes and The Black Velvets on Sunday.

Last but definitely not least, the Super Furry Animals and The Tears announce they will headline the X-Tent on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

all these i’d previously mentioned, except Suzanne Vega - don’t know who she is, does anyone else?
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Yay! The Futureheads rock. It's good to see more Scottish bands being added to the line-up aswell. I mean, yes, we all love American Bands, but theres something special about Scottish bands playing T.
yep yep, the futureheads do indeed rock. I can't wait to see them again, just hope i can actually get into King Tut's to see them!
Oh gawd yeh - Ash and Snow Patrol last year. Two huge bands in a smallish tent. Half the people there wanted to see them and there wasn't room for everybody. Just have to go a couple of acts before and pick a decent spot.
the thing is, if you go a couple of bands beforehand, you have to sit through those couple of bands, who you won't nessecarily like, and miss other bands who you do like; sitting in a tent for half the day just to see one band is halfway to having a bad festival ;(
as well, it's so crap if you want to see a band but you can't get up close cos of all the people wanting to see the band after them. like last year i went to N*E*R*D, but no-one was into it, but they were't letting you up close cos they wanted to see whoever was on next

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at least I don't have to watch the bloody Foo Fighters.
amen. although i'm sort of torn whether or not to see New Order.. they might be good, but then again they probably won't live up to my anticipation, which is mainly based on joy division...
or there's Doves, but i've seen them before.. so i'll probably end up in the X Tent..

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i swear last year the bees finished at the same time the darkness and muse did, cos i remember coming out of the tent to see a sea of people exiting the arena... and i quite like doves actually, good music doesn't have to be pushing the limits you know :P