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big announcement monday

long time no post here! anyway, there’s going to be a big TITP announcement on Monday - apparently they’ll be announcing when the extra tickets go on sale! That’s right - the capacity’s been increased, so more tickets are going on sale! no idea what type (day,camping,weekend) of tickets though.. stay tuned!
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Ooo interesting. I saw in an advert that the capacity was up to 69,000 each day (although, maybe this annoncement will increase that?) anyway, thats 9,000 more than last year's 60,000.
according to this, these tickets are on top of the 9,000. So the capacity is now 76,000.
Wow thats a huge amount more than last years 55,000

Deleted comment

i haven't seen anything :/ i think i've been had, false rumour! sorry :(